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After years of neglect, agriculture is once again seizing the attention of Nigeria governments, business leaders, communities, and private organisations, as a powerful driver of the country's relentless growth, a source of income and immense wealth.

If you can recall agriculture used to be a very viable, resourcesful and good source of income for the country and nigeria was the world biggest exporter of palm oil and peanuts until the discovery of oil in 1979 which became the focus of the country's economy and this act resulted to a drop in agricultural production. But today the story is changing the reduction in oil revenue is affecting the country's economy and also attracted economic recession. This reduction in oil revenue has made Nigeria government to consider the importance of having economic alternatives and the readily available economic alternative is agriculture. As a result of this the Nigerian Government is seriously turning its attention to agriculture by promoting farming in Nigeria to help boost food productions in the country create job opportunities and minimize food importation.

farming in Nigeria has taken a dramatic turn to a better direction in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who dare to go into farming business.Millionaires are currently being made every year through farming in Nigeria and there is certainly no end to the prospects of creating more wealth through farming in the coming years.

There is no any other African country where Farming is as viable as it is in Nigeria in terms of weather,land topography,productivity and profitability .There is no other country where farmers are more advantaged as they are in Nigeria as regards demands for the produce.

Nigeria has land area measuring about 910,770 sq km .The land area of any country is the country's total area, excluding areas that are considered to be water bodies. So, Nigeria has one of the biggest expanse of Land in Africa of which about 78 percent is available for farming and about 40 percent these large expanses of fertile farmlands are arable and laying fallow across the nation. We currently use less than 10 per cent of our farmland productively the potential for making money in this area is so immense that one wonders why we have so many unemployed persons around.

Nigeria has a huge population of over 200 million people, twice or thrice more than the populations of some countries. The entire population of Nigeria depends on staple foods produced from farms and other farm produces for their daily meals and sustenance. More than 80 percent of Nigerians buy their farm produce from the market the population of Nigeria is currently projected to be about 200 million and is expected to be about 400 million by 2050. We are presently one of the world's largest exporter of cashew We have enough capacity to raise production and potentially export to other countries. 


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